Wednesday, August 26, 2009 @ 06:50 pm

I've decided to travel in order to clear my head. I've nothing to do and I've always wanted to explore. And I chose to explore America to check up on Tenma. I wonder how she's doing with Karasuma-kun. And I'll bet she'll be surprised when she sees me. I can't wait for this airplane to land soon.

I also want to make clear of my feelings. I have this on and off feeling for that certain person. Even I am too embarrassed to mention his name here. I really just want to get away from him so that I can pull myself together. I mean, do I really harbor feelings for him? Don't be conceited.

"It's priceless." - Eri Sawachika


Eri Sawachika is one of Tenma's closest friends. She has a wealthy family and has her butler, Nakamura. Judging from her blonde hair, she's not pure Japanese. In fact, her father is a wealthy European and her mother is half-Japanese. Because of her lineage, she realizes that she Kanji somewhat difficult.

Eri is extremely wealthy. She acts civilized, although sometimes she is rather spoiled and proud. Despite of her social stance, everyone thought that Eri has no reckless side. However, her friends come to realize that she does have one. Eri has a great admiration for her father, but she can not manage to spend much time with him because he rarely comes home because of work commitments.

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