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I just yelled at the top of my lungs. My dad's sick. But that's not the point. He was going to hold a celebration -- a party -- the day after tomorrow. He's supposed to host it. And now that he's sick, he's telling me to host it on my behalf. What's worse? The family name depends on this party! What a way to put me on the spot! Not only would I host it by myself, the family's honor is on the line! If this party sucked, then the Sawachika name goes down the drain. Who will be attending the party? Just the famous figures in and outside the country! Business tycoons, celebrities, musicians, authors, fashion designers, famous chefs, and even lawyers will be there!

"How can I possibly--"

"You can ask someone to be your chaperone. Anyone you pick will be fine. That I allow it. So that you can be comfortable." dad said.

Who can possibly be my chaperone?! Who would be capable enough to help me host something grand?

"It's priceless." - Eri Sawachika


Eri Sawachika is one of Tenma's closest friends. She has a wealthy family and has her butler, Nakamura. Judging from her blonde hair, she's not pure Japanese. In fact, her father is a wealthy European and her mother is half-Japanese. Because of her lineage, she realizes that she Kanji somewhat difficult.

Eri is extremely wealthy. She acts civilized, although sometimes she is rather spoiled and proud. Despite of her social stance, everyone thought that Eri has no reckless side. However, her friends come to realize that she does have one. Eri has a great admiration for her father, but she can not manage to spend much time with him because he rarely comes home because of work commitments.

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