quickly in, quickly out

Monday, November 12, 2012 @ 08:11 pm

I was on my way to the hospital because oto-sama had a seizure today. I couldn't help panic in the car, despite being called on the phone that oto-sama has been stable for quite a time. I tried to calm myself down, because my driver made a comment that I was making him nervous. I guess he noticed me at the back.

"Maybe we should buy something nice for the master, Eri-sama?" he suggested. "I know a cake shop nearby."

I nodded. "Please. That is a nice idea." After a few blocks, we turned right and pulled over. The driver opened my door and lo and behold guess who I find in the cake shop.

"Ah." I tried not to act surprised. "Irrasshai. There's buy 1 get 1 promo inside and they're the special crafted cakes." It was hige. I proceeded inside. I wasted no time and bought oto-sama's cake immediately.

Of course on my way out, I had to say hi. "I- I read your manga, Harima-kun." and then there was silence. "J- jaa."

I couldn't help feel I said something awkward. Maybe I did, because my heart was beating fast afterwards.

"It's priceless." - Eri Sawachika


Eri Sawachika is one of Tenma's closest friends. She has a wealthy family and has her butler, Nakamura. Judging from her blonde hair, she's not pure Japanese. In fact, her father is a wealthy European and her mother is half-Japanese. Because of her lineage, she realizes that she Kanji somewhat difficult.

Eri is extremely wealthy. She acts civilized, although sometimes she is rather spoiled and proud. Despite of her social stance, everyone thought that Eri has no reckless side. However, her friends come to realize that she does have one. Eri has a great admiration for her father, but she can not manage to spend much time with him because he rarely comes home because of work commitments.

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